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Conference calling, or teleconferencing, is an everyday staple in the business world. Conferencing allows us to spend less time and money on travel and improves our office productivity.

Fundamentally, a conference call is just 3 or more people getting on the phone and talking to each other. Think of 3-way calling, but a lot more complex. If you want 5, 50, or even 300 people on one phone call and be able to hear the conference host with crystal clarity, you need some serious hardware and the know-how to run it. This is where conferencing service providers come in.

CoreIP’s solutions run on hardware known in the industry as a conference call bridge or conferencing bridges. A conferencing bridge is designed for managing and allocating phone calls in larger groups called conferences. Along with call routing, a conference bridge is designed to provide call stability, system redundancy and echo cancellation with noise reduction.

The conference call bridges that Toll Free Conference runs are high-performance, carrier-grade teleconferencing systems that allow for the custom development of telecommunications and media services. The end result: a reliable, highly scalable toll free, reservationless conference calling service that saves you both time and money.

Our experts will put technology to work for you with proven delivery expertise, state of the art tools and technologies and proven methodologies. We will help you accelerate your digital journey and reach desired business objectives. We will work with you to understand the business needs on the digital journey and help build a roadmap with proactive steps to get you there

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  • Improved communications latency
  • Easy provisioning
  • Centralized administration


  • Reliable, resilient, redundant
  • No unexpected support costs


  • Multiple deployment options
  • Custom expansion of services
  • Fast, hassle-free installation


  • Seamless experience across any device
  • Integration with business applications


Today’s workforce is more dispersed, making collaboration more challenging – and important. With hosted VoIP, you can collaborate the way that works best for you: voice, video calling, instant messaging, web presentation, video conferencing. Mitel’s hosted VoIP for Small Business includes fully integrated collaboration software to ensure inside and remote workers, vendors, partners and customers are all on the same page without additional software, usernames or passwords.


Add phone numbers without paying for additional fixed lines or extension. Lower your long distance and international calling rates. Leverage the savings of BYOD with a voice and data platform that everyone can use regardless of their device.


Add more lines and extensions as you need with no hassle or extra cost. VoIP enables you to scale your communications needs up or down as your head count contracts and expands. Adding more services and capabilities is simple and fast, too.

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