Hybrid Communications

In today’s scenario, majority of organizations do their work in multiple locations. Whether you have multiple locations, road warriors, or employees working from home (even some of the time), you need a communication solution that treats you all as part of the same company. Whether we’re talking about offices in multiple cities or multiple countries, restaurants or retail outlets, it has become rare for an organization’s workforce to be in one place. While this can allow for innovation, it also makes it difficult for innovation to spread. Problems arises in fields on communication between the teams and its members. While the cure to this problem is multifold, the core strategic capability that enables progress is an inclusive communication platform. A strategic intranet communication platform gives leaders a voice, allows and encourages people to be visible and easily found, and includes multiple modes of communication like leadership, peer-to-peer sharing, exploring and chatting, team and project collaboration, informal one-on-one or small-group chats and discussions, resource libraries and many more in order to meet various communication needs.

These needs can be met with various solutions, but with multiple technologies, the works of multiple locations get multiplied by technology scenarios. Many companies have deployed difficult software that doesn’t feel comfortable or natural to use. That builds pools of capabilities. If you’re looking to unify them, you want technology that empowers people by including everyone, has superb usability, uses all types of communication stated above, and provides mobile access. Leadership and the dedication of many people drive those results, but that leadership and dedication has no way to reach the organization without a strategic, universally accessible intranet that delivers all five communication needs. CoreIP provides strategic and well planned services to ensure that these problems related to communication do not hinder the company’s work.

CoreIP’s Unified Communication integration allows organizations for a seamless multi-location unified communication environment. By leveraging a single platform, companies can save substantial costs on management and inter-office communications, as well as increase productivity across workgroups. This Multi-location solution for all businesses offers the flexibility to integrate all the scattered offices under a single network. It offers the cost-effective calling between offices in various geographical locations. CoreIP provides Multi-location Office Telephony solution connecting all branches for uninterrupted and smooth communication. The branches are connected via peer-to-peer connectivity, forming a virtual network between all systems. This connectivity provides one-touch calling access to all users for placing calls to colleagues irrespective of their location. This helps in maintaining business continuity and cost-effective communication over secured VOIP network. This solution reduces telephony and operation costs, henceforth improving the efficiency of staff and team members.

CoreIP provides :

> A Unified Communications solution for all employees, regardless of location
> One-touch Access to Users
> Centralized Management, single point of administration
> Reduce, eliminate and manage costs associated with intra-company communications
> Automatically reroute between all locations
> Extract Call Detail Records
> Maintain Business Continuity
> Ability to tailor the features and solutions by employee, department and location
> Connect to Field Employees using Mobile and PC Client Applications
> Unified billing with breakout by location or department
> Cost-effective Communication over Intra-office and Long Distance Calls
> Extension dialing and unified directory

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