What is IP PBX?

In simple words, IP PBX/ VoIP PBX, is a telephone switching system within an enterprise, which alternates calls between VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol or IP) users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. Unlike the PBX system, the IP PBX uses the Internet Protocol to transmit calls.

CoreIP’s IP PBX solution is a flexible call control system that scales with your business needs as you grow. Best suited for today’s modern business environment with all must have enhanced features like conferencing, call forwarding and unified communications. Improve your employee productivity and accessibility by providing all collaboration tools available within one platform – Voice, video, IM, presence, mobility and many more.

Features include :

  • Easy to install and configure: In contrast to regular phone systems, which often require expertise in the field of telecom, the IP PBX system is easier to install and configure for anyone proficient in using computers and networking.
  • Cost efficient: You can easily use a VOIP Provider with IP PBX for long distance and international call.
  • Portability: Eliminate the need for wiring extra ports for the phone systems. IPPBX allows you to move or add extensions much more easily than others.
  • Ease of use: All the features of IP PBX can be easily performed using a friendly GUI
  • Fully distributed, open and flexible architecture, can be deployed with or without dedicated media gateway hardware in a centralized or distributed fashion as a single logical system.
  • Enhanced intrusion security and support for secure communications
  • Provides voice communications, unified messaging, auto-attendant, digital / analog trunking, and support for analog devices, such as fax machines – all in a single package
  • Better Customer care. With the ease of use and cost efficiency provided by IP PBX, you can deliver better customer service and increase productivity.

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  • Improved communications latency
  • Easy provisioning
  • Centralized administration


  • Reliable, resilient, redundant
  • No unexpected support costs


  • Multiple deployment options
  • Custom expansion of services
  • Fast, hassle-free installation


  • Seamless experience across any device
  • Integration with business applications


Today’s workforce is more dispersed, making collaboration more challenging – and important. With hosted VoIP, you can collaborate the way that works best for you: voice, video calling, instant messaging, web presentation, video conferencing. Mitel’s hosted VoIP for Small Business includes fully integrated collaboration software to ensure inside and remote workers, vendors, partners and customers are all on the same page without additional software, usernames or passwords.


Add phone numbers without paying for additional fixed lines or extension. Lower your long distance and international calling rates. Leverage the savings of BYOD with a voice and data platform that everyone can use regardless of their device.


Add more lines and extensions as you need with no hassle or extra cost. VoIP enables you to scale your communications needs up or down as your head count contracts and expands. Adding more services and capabilities is simple and fast, too.

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