In order to guard against advanced threats in a complex and evolving climate of virtualization, cloud services, and mobility, while maintaining regulatory compliance, organizations must increasingly take a data-centric approach to safeguarding their sensitive information. CoreIP offers the complete enterprise encryption portfolio that provides persistent protection of sensitive data at all critical points in its lifecycle.

From the physical and virtual data center to the cloud, CoreIP’s solutions help organizations remain protected, compliant, and in control. The data encryption and cryptographic key management products enable organizations to secure sensitive data in databases, applications, storage systems, virtualized platforms, and cloud environments.

Data Protection for the Cloud :

Cloud and virtualization gives you agility and efficiency to instantly roll out new services and expand your infrastructure. But the lack of physical control, or defined entrance points, bring a whole host of cloud data security issues – data co-mingling, privileged user abuse, snapshots and backups, data deletion, data leakage, geographic regulatory requirements, cloud super-admins, and many more. CoreIP’s proven two-factor authentication, encryption, and enterprise key management solutions turn any cloud environment into a trusted and compliant environment by solving the critical challenges of data governance, control, and ownership – no matter where you store your data.

Encryption for Data Center Security :

In every data center, organizations have sensitive assets to protect. However, the actual assets that need to be secured, and the scale, type, and location of those assets varies substantially across different organizations. With CoreIP’s suite of Data Protection solutions, your organization can secure the assets that matter, regardless of where they are stored. Customers rely on data center encryption solutions to secure patient records, credit card information, social security numbers, and more. With CoreIP, you can protect structured data stored in databases and applications as well as unstructured data kept in file servers. By combining robust encryption, policy-based access controls, centralized administration, and enterprise key management, our solutions keep valuable assets protected and in compliance with regulatory mandates.

Data-at-Rest Encryption Solutions :

Whether storing data at rest in your physical data center, a private or public cloud, or in a third-party storage application, proper encryption and key management are critical factors in ensuring sensitive data is protected and your organization maintains compliance. CoreIP can offer granular encryption and role-based access control for structured and unstructured data residing in databases, applications, files, and storage containers. With centralized key management and a hardened root of trust, organizations can ensure their master keys are protected and data remains secure.

High Speed Network Encryption – Secure Data in Motion :

Proven High-Assurance network security for your sensitive data, real-time video and voice, on the move from data center or site to site, or multiple sites, to back up and disaster recovery, to the last mile to the last mile, on-premises up to the cloud and back again. CoreIP’s network encryption devices offer the ideal solution for data in motion security, including time-sensitive voice and video streams, for all organizations.

Why choose CoreIP?

CoreIP delivers the breadth of solutions that enable security teams to centrally employ defense-in-depth strategies—and ultimately make sure encryption provides true security. If access controls are lacking, the efficiency of encryption can be compromised. If cryptographic keys are vulnerable, so is encrypted data. To truly protect sensitive data, organizations must follow encryption best practices. Along with a comprehensive set of encryption platforms, CoreIP delivers the robust access controls and key management capabilities that enable organizations to practically, cost effectively, and comprehensively leverage encryption to address their security objectives.

We provide :

> Trusted security
> Maximum network performance
> Near-zero overhead
> Microsecond latency
> Scalable and simple
> “Set and forget” management
> Low cost High-assurance vulnerability protection
> True end-to-end, authenticated encryption
> State-of-the-art client side key management

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  • Improved communications latency
  • Easy provisioning
  • Centralized administration


  • Reliable, resilient, redundant
  • No unexpected support costs


  • Multiple deployment options
  • Custom expansion of services
  • Fast, hassle-free installation


  • Seamless experience across any device
  • Integration with business applications


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