CoreIP Call Billing Software (CCBS)

Core IP Call Billing Software helps in managing of Telecom Resources and Costs at Offices, Factories, Hotels, Hospitals, Housing Societies and private EPABX exchanges etc.

TBS is a system that tracks all calls and provide instant information and analysis. It provides a simple and elegant PC based solution to the problem of excess billing and improper use of telephone facilities in any organisation. With over 20+ years of expertise in Call Accounting Solutions, TBS has almost all features everyone has been longing for. To add an additional “REPORT WIZARD” allows to create your own reports with sorting / analysis more relevant to you but not programmed by us so far as well “TBS Scheduler” to have the reports in every day on email automatically.
TBS virtually integrates with any exchange like Alcatel, Siemens, Ericsson, Panasonic, Nitsuko, Toshiba,Nortel, AT&T, LG, Tadiran, NEC, Cisco,Avaya and Avaya CM and many more.

User can view log of calls received from the EPABX for verification. Front End Reporting Module generates various reports using this database in Tabular Form which can be viewed on Screen, printed on printer, transferred to a file or sent on email. Most of the analysis reports can also be viewed or printed graphically in form of PIE Charts or Histograms.

With CoreIP TBS You Can :

Customise your Pricing – flexible or Basic Service provider type charging (like DoT etc)
Have separate charging tables for guests & staff, and for specific extensions & junctions
Supports multiple Service Providers
Special features for Hotels, Hospitals & Group pABXs
Implement on-line Budget Control & Toll-Fraud Control
Get a large number of pre-defined Summaries and Reports
Least Call Routing Analysis

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  • Improved communications latency
  • Easy provisioning
  • Centralized administration


  • Reliable, resilient, redundant
  • No unexpected support costs


  • Multiple deployment options
  • Custom expansion of services
  • Fast, hassle-free installation


  • Seamless experience across any device
  • Integration with business applications


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